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Broken but now I am healed
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Positive Affirmation for my soul  
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Positive Affirmations for the Christian Soul

You ever feel like you always take care of everyone but yourself? Being a wife,mother,daughter and business women. We often do neglect ourselves to make sure our loved ones are taking care of. 

We neglect ourselves to the point we do not allow ourselves to heal from life experiences.  

Broken is under revision right now. So please stay tuned for the release of the new release date.

Surround yourself around positive people. This little pocketbook literature will inspire you, encourage you. Take this book everywhere you go to remind you that you are someone special and deserves the best out of life. 

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Being a child of God we still go through trials and tribulations but our God will fight every battle. Yes we still need to be reminded who we are. A Child Of God!!!

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I'm Rewriting my story 
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