HerStory  is a program for women who is need of mentoring, support, encouragement and leadership development.  and telling our stories, WORTH Through this program we  assist women in transforming their lives. We believe that through sisterhood we can directly impact each other lives through support and love. HerStory has the expertise and understanding to engage, navigate and challenge each other.  As a well-organized and sustainable program, HerStory is a visible and powerful voice for  women  from all different  walks of life.

HerStory members represent diverse backgrounds, not only in terms of race/ethnicity, but also in age, socio-economic status and experiences.  

                            Items Needed

     Blankets  * Water * personal hygiene Items

      Socks * gloves * hat/scarves* Bibles

       **  monetary donations are accepted **

 Stand Speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves the poor and destitute!”  Proverbs 31: 8 & 9 (MSG)

(702) 350-2057


Dallas, Texas

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